UltiPro Redesign

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Original Design

UltiPro Redesign

Original Design

Here’s my breakdown why I made specific design decisions of the following elements:

– Navigation Bar
– PTO Area
– Notification List
– User & Team Area
– Account Section

UltiPro Redesign

My primary focus was on simplifying the information presented to the user. I did this by improving the following elements:

– Updated Navbar
– Submenu integrated
– Simplified Elements
– Chart Visuals
– Button Redesign

Navbar Area

The prior navbar had many elements that I grouped into categories.

In my professional opinion, I believe it is a more intuitive design to have the submenu displayed constantly with the subcategory items depending on the page the user is on versus a horizontal scrolling menu that is currently displayed.

Team Members

Elements such as View All were moved to the top right of the My Team Members to stay congruent with the theme of the design.

Also adding the three-circle menu will allow for future actions to added without modifying the design.

PTO Visualization

A simple pie chart was added to provide visuals of the time available to an employee.

The user will instinctively (in my opinion) hover over the pie chart which will reveal a tooltip with more information.

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