JungleScout Redesign

Landing Page Redesign for an Amazon Seller Tool.

Before Changes

After Redesign

Hero Area Makeover

The Black, White, & Orange color contrast is easier on the eye and makes certain elements such as H1 Text pop so the user can find it faster.

Most users bounce from a site within a few seconds so having vital elements stand out first is key.

Call To Action

The original background image on the homepage made it a little difficult to read the text below the video so I reorganized it completely. The orange Call-To-Action button stands out against the dark background.

This will capture the user’s attention right after they finish watching the video since it’s below the element as well.

Visual Separation

To fully separate the header area from the main content area, a dark background creates a disconnect against the bright white content area that proceeds.

This allows a header area to really stand out while keeping with the design style of the homepage.

Sign Up & Nav Bar

To keep up with modern design trends, I opted for the simple Sign Up button approach with a contrasting color against the background to stand out among other elements.

The navbar items were also changed to white to give more importance to the “Sign Up” Button in the Navbar.

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